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Tuesday 14 August, 2018

This week started with the departure of our Danube Boat & Bike 2018 Tour - what a positive group of people! It's always a joy to the office staff when we know a tour is going to be happy one and the tour members start with a great attitude. (Danube 2019)
It seems to us there is a lot more interest in tours which include some physical exercise and there is lots of opportunity to interact with the local people. Its always interesting to see and hear how other people live.

Todd's News

Yes, its official our Captain America has become an offical kiwi. He'll never be able to hide that accent of his, but his heart belongs in the Pacific.

Russia & Baltic States Tour

This tour has now reached St Petersburg and Jenni, the Tour Leader, has been posting on our Facebook page some beautiful photos of the things they are seeing.

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Written by: Mandy Page

Mandy is one well-travelled person, having visited all 7 continents! Over the years her travels have taken her to the UK, Europe, the USA, Canada, Vanuatu, the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, China, Burma, Croatia, Slovenia, Vietnam, India, Laos, Cambodia, Argentina and Antarctica plus a few more.

Mandy has always had an adventurous spirit, especially for places more unusual. She particularly enjoys introducing others to these destinations and making it possible for people to realise a life’s dream.

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