The Dead Sea

Time for a Hebrew lesson – in Hebrew lake is called Yam (like the vegetable). Places like the Sea of Galilee (Yam Kinneret) and the Dead Sea (Yam HaMelach) both have ‘sea’ then a descriptive word. For the Dead Sea it is literally ‘Sea (yam) The(ha) Salt(Melach)’ and for the Sea of Galilee ‘Sea (yam) Harp (Kinneret)’.

So armed with those few words I am sure you can appreciate when the Dead Sea is described as salty – they really do mean salt!! I dived into the waters once and it was so painful to my eyes I literally cried for two days. I also got my hair wet and it didn’t dry until I could wash all the salt out. A most strange and alien environment but lots of fun if you keep your head above water – which is not difficult at all.

>The lowest surface on the planet, the Dead Sea is quite unique. The water is blue and the shores are rocky and in some places there are quite dramatic structures. Sodom and Gomorrah, of biblical fame were situated at the southern tip. In fact present day Sedom is reborn Sodom. But we could spend many an entertaining hour looking for the pillar that was Lot’s wife who looked back in regret and was turned into a pillar of salt. Then again we might just enjoy a healthy float on the remarkable water.

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